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All our products are made of the highest quality Viscose Vortex.

What is it made of?

It's easy to wash, simply place the product in a mesh laundry bag and machine wash it in the normal wash cycle and dry it in the shade. Since you can't hang the product, you will need to dry it on a surface that allows air to flow on both its sides, such as a drying rack.

After that, just straighten out the ends (your hands will do) and it will be just as brand new!

How to wash

Known also as Javanese silk, viscose is a fiber from the cotton seed. It is very similar to cotton, but it has an improved feel, a more intense color, and a superior texture.

About the Viscose

The products in our shop can be made in any size. The product can be made into pillows, play mats, throw blankets, bed runners, rugs, and much more!

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